PPA is the way to go

In this candidate driven market and unemployment at an all time low a PPA (Project Partner Agreement) with JTL Services, Inc. will save you time and money! Here is what […]

Commodity Managers

In the last year JTL Services, Inc. has seen an uptick in the number of our manufacturing clients searching for highly qualified Commodity Managers. The combination of tariff issues and […]

Interviewing is a Two-Way Street

So many of us focus so intently on preparing to answer interview questions that we often neglect to prepare a strong set of questions for the interviewer.  This is a […]

Free Q & A today: Feb 14 @ 3 pm eastern

Entertaining, empowering, no BS answers to your questions based on 22 years of working with hiring authorities.  You’ll find them addicting – many of the same people attend whether they […]

A friendlier Twitter for job seekers

Still wary of entering the Twitterverse? Don’t be. It’s time to overcome your Twitter aversion, banish all doubt and make your triumphant entrance on what is THE world stage for […]