Paying For Job Advice??? gets me going sometimes, I tell you!  In many of my past blog posts (on other blogs) I have ranted about what their value really is to job candidates […]

Background Checks… For Employment?

Yup!  Its not a new concept!  Many corporations and even small businesses are now conducting background checks on job candidates of interest, as part of their overall hiring process.  It […]

how honest should you be in an interview?

How honest should you be when you’re interviewing?  Unequivocally one hundred percent honest.   But don’t confuse honesty with showing all your cards or not utilizing the power of presentation.  Nor […]

Jobs brewing slowly, but surely?

Are we slowly but surely crawling our way back to economic prosperity? We can at least hope so! Well, they say the recession was (technically) over. Yeah OK! Reminds me […]