JTL Services, Inc. has been finding top talent for over 20 years with great success. During those times we have discovered what works and what does not work in finding top talent for our clients. Over the past few years we have decided to do what is a much more professional and proactive search to provide you with increased benefit. By partnering with our clients, our success rate and client satisfaction have been even more stellar!

My question to you is why are you paying high contingency rates with every other search firm who are all telling you that their candidate is the best candidate for the job? Really? I think they are more interested in making a placement by throwing resumes at you, failing to do their due diligence, and convincing you that their candidate is the best candidate out there!
Let’s see what some of our clients have to say about “Project Partnering”.

“Your ability to “hit the ground running” in terms of your focus, eagerness to listen to your clients and learn not only about the nuances and job requirements of each high priority search but also the essentials of our company and our unique company culture – many of which are so critical to not only ensuring we find the most talented candidates but true “A” players who will be an excellent fit with our company’s culture”.

“You have an extraordinary ability and motivation to be very highly responsive AND AVAILABLE 24/7 – a rare gift in this day and age of eroding customer service levels that I believe we see so rampant in business today”.

“Working with Bryant and JTL was a great experience. He made sure he knew all aspects of the position and our company before starting the search, so he would find the right candidates for us. And he sure did! Very soon he sent us a resume that was a perfect match, skillset and personality wise. That was the start of a strategic relationship between our companies. I strongly recommend working with Bryant and JTL.”
-Celia C, Human Resources Manager

“You have an excellent eye for identifying really special talent across several functional areas, including your ability to partner with someone like me in my role to “close the deal”. This is an essential asset to bring to our kind of business relationship and in my experience, you do this as well as the best search and recruiting professionals I have known throughout my career – and far better than 95% of the best out there today and yesterday”.
-Art Q Vice President, Human Resources

I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you some positive feedback one of our recent success stories took the time to share with me about you — Candidate to client: “one other thing I wanted to just tell you was how great it has been to work with Tara. I think you hired her team to find guys like me, and I can tell you that she is one of the most professional and competent recruiters I have ever worked with or talked to. I’m sure you already knew that, but I just wanted to reiterate it”.
-Todd W, Manager of Financial Analysis and Accounting

“She strived to meet and exceed our expectations. The quality of hires is excellent. Our partnership is based on mutual respect. She is customer oriented and keeps you in the loop through the entire Talent Acquisition Cycle”.
– Ingrid D Manager Corporate Recruiting

For more information or to get a better understanding on how we at JTL Services, Inc. can help you obtain top talent, don’t hesitate to call! (919) 900-7030