As a long time IT professional it has been necessary from time to time for me utilize the services of a recruiter when attempting to transition to a new job. My most recent transition was made possible because of the professional skill and dedication of Tara LeFevre. My experience with Tara as a recruiter was quite unique. Tara understands that both her clients and candidates are people with real concerns and worries. Through my transition, beginning with my first contact with Tara, right through to the job offer, she inspired confidence and trust.

To illustrate, let me share a brief statement from one of my emails to Tara: “I know this is a business transaction for you, but I can tell that it is more. Because of your honesty with me and your skill, I put my trust in you and you didn’t let me down. I am grateful for what you have done and hope that we can maintain contact as time moves on”. Should ever the need arise to find employment in the future, I will not hesitate to contact Tara LeFevre at JTL Services, Inc.

Much Thanks!

Jack Drozd

Tara LeFevre is an exceptional recruiter who matched me to the type of job and company that I was looking for. The interviewing process proceeded smoothly in part to the preparation and time that Tara provided. She walked me through every step of the process, setting expectations, reviewing topics specific to the organization and offering tailored coaching based on my strengths and weaknesses. Without Tara’s services, this opportunity would not have been possible.

If you are looking for a recruiter who values the relationship of both the recruit and the hiring company and has the experience required to facilitate the match, I would recommend Tara LeFevre.

Scott Miller

Tara has placed many people in my companies through their project partnering arrangement model.The quality of applicants and retention of hires has been excellent. It’s great to work with JTL and Tara and I would endorse them a a partner who is ethical and conscious of the needs and demands of their clients.

Dave Stansfield

Bryant was extremely helpful as my recruiter. He gave me very resourceful links to things that would help me research The Pantry, and the people I was interviewing with there. He prepared me for the interview better than I could have prepared myself! Even when I had questions about the benefits and how to handle the juggling of 401K, he gave me resources to get my questions answered quickly. Bryant found me my dream job!

Rosanne Taft

I had been out of work for three months and one week after JTL found my resume, I had a great job!


Tara’s professionalism and insight in the recruiting process truly shine. In addition to being a clear, effective, and timely communicator, she’s also one of the most attentive listeners I’ve encountered. I was deeply impressed with her work ethic and commitment to finding the best fit for both candidates and clients.

Sean DeAngelo

Tara was the best recruiter I have ever worked with. She was very knowledgeable about the companies and positions I was chosen to interview for. Although the first position she chose for me did not pan out, she remembered me when a second position at the same company opened up. Her honesty, coaching and support helped me to win a fantastic job at a successful organization.

I would recommend Tara for anyone who is looking for an honest, caring and supportive recruiter.

Trisha Frank

Working with Bryant has been a pleasure. Among his many talents as a professional recruiter, his ability to listen is his most valuable skill. Understanding what his client needs and asking probing questions allows him to provide the best talent available for the position.
Bryant is top of the list. Keep up the good work!

Peter Zazzaro

JTL Services, Inc. assisted with a job search for our company, which was out of my scope of expertise. We are a financial advisory firm and I needed to hire a software developer to enhance our client relationship system. Lacking in the knowledge of software development candidate screening, I really leaned on JTL to help me with this search as this particular job was an important role to our firm. Together, we discussed the overall strategy to fill the role, and ultimately JTL presented me with excellent candidates and helped me fill the role with the perfect fit for our firm. That employee has been with us now for two years. A job well done and I’m a happy client.

Kathy Del Corso-Chase

I had the pleasure of Tara finding a new position for me, I couldn’t be happier. Tara’s professionalism allowed me to feel extremely confident in my decision to begin a new career. Not only did she fit me with the perfect company, she always made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. It takes a special person to hold your hand through the entire process, without you knowing she is doing it. Tara always listened to me and is still following up with me!

Sue Wiese, Account Manager, Flo-Tech, Inc.

After working with many of the top recruiting agencies for several months I decided I didn’t want to bother with them anymore. In fact, when JTL called me I was ready to give them a piece of my mind to be quite honest. However after talking with a recruiter at JTL, Bryant Madore, I felt confident JTL could help me find a job.

It really wasn’t long at all when I got an interview and then an offer letter from the company I’m with now.

If you’re in the market looking for a new job I highly recommend JTL’s Bryant Madore. JTL truly is a company with integrity and dedicated to helping you find your next career move.

Angel Landrau

I had a great experience working with Tara! She was instrumental throughout the interview process, and made it clear that she had everyone’s best interest in mind. Her timeliness, industry insight, and professionalism were highly appreciated. Thank you for everything, Tara!

Jamie Benson

I want to acknowledge the professional and personal manner in which Tim Peters represented JTL Services in working to successfully match my candidate needs with those of JTL’s client company in my recent career job search.

Tim always worked to make me feel comfortable; we did not just talk over the phone, he invited me to meet with him personally where I had the opportunity to express my needs with regards to a new position and demonstrate what skills, experiences, and education I could bring to a client company. He shared with me the needs of the hiring company, business picture, personalities and organizational structure. With both the hiring company and I having a good understanding of each other and Tim recognizing the match, we were able to go forward with the interviewing process. Tim stayed on top of the communications, scheduling and interviewing loop through which I was ultimately considered the right candidate for the position.

With regards to the job offer, Tim acted to assure there was a fair and equitable salary and benefits package that the hiring company and I were most happy to agree on.

I am very pleased to recommend Tim Peters and JTL Services.

Rich Castiglioni

Being out of work is bad enough. Being out of work during bad economic times is worse. Tara Lefevre of JTL Services got in touch with me after seeing my resume on the web. Within two weeks of that first phone call I had a better job with a much shorter commute. Tara’s insight to the people I would be interviewing with and her knowledge of the company needs really helped get me through the grueling interview process. Thanks Tara!


JTL Services worked diligently to find me several new professional opportunities. In fact, within two weeks of my first meeting with JTL, I had had three interviews and had two very solid offers from perspective employers. Through out the process, I felt that JTL valued me both as a candidate and as a person. I was in control of the search process and JTL did not pressure me to pursue opportunities that I did not feel were a good fit for me either professionally or personally. The level of professionalism and personal touch provided by JTL Services makes them a leader in their field. I have and will continue to recommend JTL Services to other IT professionals who want to enjoy a productive and stress free job search while being treated like a member of the JTL family.

C. Pignatiello

Dear Bryant:

I wanted to thank you again for all of the assistance and support you provided regarding my career transition. Since I had not entered the job market for several years, the guidance and tools you made available regarding this transition were very valuable and helped ease my trepidations. I truly appreciated your candidness and respect your ability to be insightful while not compromising your professionalism. The level of service, facilitation and guidance that JTL Services provided exceeded my expectations and I would gladly recommend them.

Lance Boynton

I started working with Bryant in the fall of 2006 for a position at R. H. Donnelley. He was always very professional and was on top of things. His follow up was always timely and thorough. I would not hesitate to work with him again when looking for a job.

Terri Taylor

I first met Bryant when I was looking for a new employment opportunity shortly after taking my first job out of school. Bryant listened as I explained what I envisioned as my next dream job and matched me perfectly with my new employer. He made all the necessary connections and follow-up to ensure I would receive proper compensation. Bryant exceed my expectations in every way.

Eileen Barbara

This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for Tara LeFevre and JTL Services. I recently had the pleasure of working with Tara regarding an employment opportunity in the IT industry. In her initial contact, she described in great detail the job description and it was obvious that she was doing more than just reading a sheet of paper.

Over the following weeks, Tara distinguished herself from the run-of-the-mill recruiter in many ways. Unlike others in her industry, she followed-up and was very proactive. She made me feel like I was not a number—something I noticed time and again when working with other recruiters in the past. Tara even took the time to coach me on interview tactics in the context of this particular employer.

In addition to helping me land the job, Tara went above the call regarding salary and HR negotiations. She kept me in the loop every step of the way and made the entire process seamless. During the entire process, I got the impression that the employer holds her and JTL in high regard. I feel this is very important when dealing with agencies such as JTL.
I would strongly recommend Tara and JTL to anyone who is serious about moving on to a better job. I am very happy with the results she provided for me.

Brian J. Trudeau

Bryant Madore with JTL Services placed me with Duke. My experience with JTL was fantastic. Bryant was responsive, supportive, organized and provided me with great intelligence to prepare me for my interviews. He also did a great job negotiating on my behalf. This was the first time I’ve ever actually worked with a professional recruiter and I can say with certainty that if I have a future need I will work with JTL and Bryant Madore. I would highly recommend you do the same!

Jeff Neisen

Bryant has impressed me as an honest and genuine professional who was willing to help me out throughout the whole interview and placement process. I truly have enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him, which I have to many of my friends.


I rarely meet people who are as genuinely interested in people as Tara. Tara is an excellent recruiter and diligently worked with me to place me at my current job. I was not only impressed by her knowledge of the interviewing process and how it gave me a unique perspective on a lot of details I hadn’t considered, but was amazed at how personal Tara was and how easy she was to work with. With her excellent communication skills and experience, Tara made sure that I was a good fit for the company, but also worked with me to make sure that I would also love the position. Tara has my highest recommendation for any company looking to hire and to anyone looking to find a new opportunity!

Barak Pizzuto

Tara is committed to her clients! I have worked with Tara and her team at JTL Services for a few years now. Her attention to detail and responsive demeanor makes coordinating qualified candidates uncomplicated. She is careful not to send candidates that only meet our requirement but those who fit the culture of our organization. JTL has assisted us to fill IT positions but also those outside their specialties. I would recommend her services to any company that seeks assistance in recruiting top notch talent. Tara and her team are wonderful to work with and I look forward to many more years of working together.

Amy Leger

I am very pleased to recommend Bryant Madore and JTL Services as professional recruiters. Bryant has placed several candidates with us and he is very diligent in his work. Bryant works hard to understand the needs of the position and only refers candidates to us who meet our requirements.

Dianne Veley

I am very pleased to recommend Bryant Madore and JTL Services as professional recruiters. Bryant has placed several candidates with us and he is very diligent in his work. Bryant works hard to understand the needs of the position and only refers candidates to us who meet our requirements.


Tara is a true PARTNER in finding solutions to my most daunting hiring challenges. She is a long-term strategic thinker with keen insight, not only into a given industry, but into people themselves.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Christine Heneghan – hired Tara as a Recruiter more than once

As an executive new to the CT area, I needed to find some very capable people to improve our company’s operations. Tim Peters of JTL Services found me those people quickly and efficiently. He grasped my specific needs and, with his experience, fleshed out the underlying fundamentals of the positions. Every proposed candidate was in the ballpark so no time was wasted and I was able to hire two very different positions quickly enough to have a positive impact on my operations. Not only do I recommend Tim but I expect to use him in the future for my needs.

Riley J. Ruske

Tara is an effective and supportive recruiter. She was extremely supportive, and provided great coaching and advice throughout the interview process. She was very responsive and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I’m grateful to have worked with her to land my current position.

Vasil Zabelaj

Tara is an absolute class-act professional. She will go to bat for her recruits and get the best possible outcome for everyone. If you are lucky enough to work with Tara, consider yourself fortunate to have one of the best on your side.

Robert Alexander Perry

Working with Tara has been a game-changer for our company. She has consistently delivered quality outside sales candidates for us in a highly ethical and professional manner. We look forward to working with Tara for all of our sales recruiting needs.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Lin C. – hired Tara as a Recruiter

Tara and JTL Services were instrumental in finding a rewarding job for me. Tara was professional, attentive, and helpful. She identified what I wanted in a company, assessed my areas of strengths, and found me a position at a firm that aligned with my professional philosophies, desires, and goals. Tara worked tirelessly for me to prepare me for interviews and find a job that is a perfect fit. I strongly recommend Tara and JTL Services.


Tara has been upfront and professional which made my choices very clear and easier. Throughout the process she communicated on time not leaving any gaps and responded on time for last minute questions. I would recommend to work with her as your next big thing!

Dhaval Patel

I have had the pleasure of working with the recruiters at JTL Services over the past 5+ years. During that time they have successfully sourced both IT and financial professionals for our staffing needs that have resulted in hires. They are professional and knowledgeable, but most importantly they listen to what we say we need rather than trying to steer us towards something or someone that does not match our requirements.

Nancy Seaton

I have worked with Tim Peters and JTL Services for over 7 years and have found their candidate screening and referral selection to be excellent. The background checking and follow up on whatever is requested to be done has been prompt and professional. We have hired more than several candidates presented to us by Tim and JTL and we expect to continue our relationship with them for many years to come.

Tom Krajewski

Tara helped me land the right job I was looking for, at the right time in my career with a well respected company in their industry. She was entirely professional at how she approached her job, yet personable at the same time. She listened to what I was looking for, and went above and beyond to help prep me for each stage of the interview process. I was fortunate to have worked with her, she made a difference.

Tim Khoury, Lean Expert, Barnes Aerospace

As an HR Manager, I’ve worked with Tara and JTL Services at several organizations, and I’ve been proud to “take her with me” as I’ve moved into different roles. It’s been a sincere pleasure getting to know Tara and her firm. She works tirelessly to ensure that quality candidates are presented for job opportunities, and takes the time to cultivate positive relationships with not only the organizations I’ve worked for, but the candidates themselves. She truly exemplifies what it means to be a partner in recruiting.

I would recommend her and her firm highly to anyone looking for assistance in finding quality candidates for open roles.

Jennifer Bittar

I have known Tim Peters and JTL Services for some time. I have found my interaction to be professional and productive. All candidates sent to me for consideration have been well qualified and fit the job description provided to JTL. Going forward, I will continue to use JTL for my recruiting needs and would recommend JTL to anyone looking for a recruiter with little time to waste on unqualified candidates and a strong sense of urgency.

David T. Pyne

Tara is both a phenomenal professional and person. We have partnered on projects to help grow our business and team in Raleigh, and I am very grateful to have someone who takes the time to understand our human resource needs, and genuinely cares about both the success of our company and the employees she places. Highly recommend!

Zachary Gusse

Tara LeFevre goes above and beyond to find candidates to match your business needs. She has a unique ability to correlate the position specifications directly to the candidates knowledge skills and abilities. It was a pleasure to work directly with Tara and we were pleased with her services. I would recommend Tara and her team for your recruiting needs. 

Keishaundra Harris

Tara helped me land a wonderful position with an outstanding company. It was a pleasure to work with someone so professional and knowledgeable. She truly takes the time to get to know both the company and the job seeker to make sure she has found a good fit for both sides.

Beth Crews

Tara is one of best Recruiters I have been in touch with. As a recruiter, she is more into understanding the clients requirements and finding that Ideal fit for the given position. She is also more focused on building partnerships with clients & candidates, which is a win win situation for all parties involved. She is very very professional, honest & trust worthy.Tara is the kind of recruiter i would like to contact either for finding an ideal candidate or for finding that next level dream job. 

Vishnu Potluri

I have worked with Tara in many of my recruiting projects for various levels in my organization from entry level to senior level and Tara always found “right” candidates who were the right fit in hard and soft skills at all levels. Tara’s ability to decipher and ask hard but meaningful questions and to learn the wants and needs of all partied involved is what makes Tara and her team such a great resource of recruiters and key factors in her success ratio. What really distinguishes Tara from other recruiters is that she puts herself in her client’s and candidate’s shoes when scouting for the right talent. This means Tara takes genuine interest in understanding the culture of the company she represents as well as takes the extra effort to understand the needs of the talents she is recruiting to make the right match. As result Tara provided the highest ratio of success hire at and these talents have progressed through ranks and explosive growth in their career in my organization. We all want smart, dedicated, creative thinkers, and results focused people in our teams and Tara takes time to understand this by taking the investment upfront to learn the client she represents. I have come to respect her advise and recommendations on talents as I have never regretted following any of Tara’s recommendations. I would work with Tara again in a heartbeat and look forward to working with Tara and her team again. 

Jung Manson

Tara and JTL did an outstanding job finding me a job in my field. They were professional and thorough on every detail. They made my opportunity possible with their consistent communication and follow ups. If I ever look for another job I will be sure to contact Tara first.

Ken Geriak

I highly recommend Bryant Madore and JTL Services as professional recruiters. Bryant worked with us to help fill several difficult technical positions. He took the time to talk with the hiring managers and myself about each position and made sure that he was sending us the type of candidates we were looking for. He was always professional, thorough and caring as well.

Brian Robbins