Quality & Serving

Our quality objectives are tangible and quantifiable. We believe that “Serving” is not only an honorable human trait, but also fundamental to achieving high performance standards. We are continually self-evaluating and searching for additional methods to advance the quality of our service and in anticipation of future client needs.

Ethical Integrity

We ensure confidentiality and safeguard all information entrusted to us by clients and candidates alike, never releasing information of any kind without the appropriate approval and authority. We have built a reputation of integrity and we value your trust in allowing us to serve you. We will always provide you with accurate information and throughout the process offer our council and assessment based on our industry knowledge and years of successful experience.

Exclusive Responsibility

Clients may have attempted many methods to achieve their recruitment objectives prior to our engagement. As our mutual goal is to quickly identify and recruit the best talent, it becomes essential to unify all search efforts and as such we request that we coordinate and direct all activity on these assignments unless otherwise mutually agreed. By becoming the sole contact for all candidates, we also alleviate the time burdens associated with the recruitment process for the client.

Timely Communication

During every step of the search process, the timely flow and exchange of pertinent and accurate information is of paramount importance to a successful working relationship. We will communicate with our clients frequently through face-to-face strategy sessions, status briefings, email, telephone, teleconference, in writing or the Internet. As all searches for quality professionals are time-critical, we ask that our clients bring any new information that may affect the search to our attention in the most expedient manner possible.