1000 New Members Enhance Their Job Landing Opportunities with FREE Online Service
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If you are one of the 7.6 million recently unemployed individuals scouring the job market for employment opportunities, take note! A FREE, technologically advanced tool which will give you the edge required in this competitive market is now available to you from JTL Services, a national executive search & job placement firm recruiting quality talent for more than a decade.

MyJobCast.com is an online communication tool that strategically places your resume before interested and appropriate hiring mangers. This secure application allows you to track your resume, which is your lifeline to companies seeking individuals with your credentials. The system also permits you to control and observe who is viewing and receiving your resume, and assists with interview scheduling, as well as reference generation and storage. Perhaps most pertinent, MyJobCast.com provides valuable interview preparation tips and feedback which will enhance your job landing opportunities.

After your interview, MyJobCast.com keeps you in the hiring eye of the company decision maker by guiding you through the preparation of a meaningful thank you letter. In addition, twelve hours after your scheduled interview, you will be reminded to send out an interview feedback request to the individual(s) with whom you interacted, a critical step to evaluating and/or adjusting your ability to present your best attributes. Finally, the site can send all process updates via SMS, directly to a member’s mobile device.

In a few short months, during its beta launch, nearly 1000 members have joined MyJobCast.com. And while the application has been effective in its current state, implementation of new features is ongoing. “At the present time”, says Jeff LeFevre, co-founder, “we are tweaking the system to include companies and recruiting agencies’ profiles and available jobs.” This will allow you to search for open jobs and send your own profiles to those companies seeking employees. Conversely, those hiring will have the ability to seek out potential candidates, and open a digital connection using the system’s tools, thus expediting and advancing the entire process.

MyJobCast.com is an online application to help job seekers. Features include secure resume transmission and tracking, an online reference generator system, interview feedback system, and an online calendar system with reminder service.

Q. Why did you start your business and what niche does it fill?
A. We saw that there was a need for people to better understand the process of getting a job and helping them through that process. Being in the executive search business, we understand that there is only a hand full of candidates that we ultimately help with their careers. The reality is that most people that come across our desks are not necessarily individuals we can ultimately place. It is the nature of the business.
As a company our mission includes helping connect people with jobs we felt we could do more to help fulfill this mission. We spent a year creating a team and via focus group meetings, we created a firm objective with our new endeavor.

Q. How did you finance your business?
A. Private investment.

Q. Who are your customers?
A. Anyone who is actively seeking a new job is a great customer prospect. However since the system can keep your resume private and have your references at the ready, even an employed individual not in search of a new job can be a customer. The reality is that, as we understand, being prepared is half the battle. Unfortunately, people can quickly become unemployed, and having your resume updated, references ready, and a tool to track who is looking at your countless resume sends can become a pivotal tool.

Q. How have you used social media tools like LinkedIn to grow your business?
A. Yes absolutely. Though there are several very interesting and worthy online social media networks. Currently I feel that LinkedIn is one of the best.

Q. What are three pieces of advice you would offer entrepreneurs starting out today?
A. In no particular order….
1.) Have a dream and believe in it, even during the strenuous periods. Most successful entrepreneurs have been through very stressful financial periods of reassessing. Owning a business has great rewards, but is not easy.
2.) Be fiscally responsible.
3.) Do what’s right. In business, as in your personal life, you should always do “the right thing”. It is very easy and sometimes very tempting to make bad decisions. It is those bad decisions that almost always come back to haunt you. And conversely it is usually those “right” decisions that pay back rewards.

Q. How does your business “give back” to the community or to society?
A. Well I think its taking what I have learned over the course of 10 plus years and getting that knowledge out there for people to utilize. In the executive search business your inventory is limited to the best of the best. In order for me to have a successful business we can only work with the candidates that clients will compensate us on. Not everyone will have a fee associated with them. A lot of people don’t realize this reality. Just because I’m a recruiter doesn’t mean that a company will pay me a fee for everyone. Believe me I wish they would.

My new endeavor is a very calculated attempt to fill that need. The things that we have learned over the years are extremely valuable.

Job boards and resume boards try to replace the recruiter. However, they are only helpful for the candidate that has the keywords that companies are seeking. Another thing is that these boards don’t have the best of the best and not everyone wants their personal information out there to be seen by everyone.

Career coaches work with people who can afford to pay them thousands of dollars. This is not an option for the average job candidate. So, all of these tools are niche for a small amount of people. Something that I learned a long time ago was that there is a job out there for everyone. I thought why not take what I have learned and create a tool that can benefit the people that fall outside of these other traditional tools.

Q. How and why was it important to base your business in the Triangle area?
A. I opened an office in Cary about 2 years ago. Things have gone very well and my family and I have now relocated from Connecticut last year. It is a great place to raise a family.

Southington, CT (April 9, 2008) — As many hiring managers will attest to, finding high-quality job candidates for an organization is not always an easy task. And there lies one of the main reasons that organizations both small and large are flocking to job recruiters for their help.

But for a job recruiter with over 10,000 resumes and a growing network of potential candidates, a high-quality candidate does surface quite often. And when a good job recruiter does come across a high-quality job candidate, they typically place them very quickly. In fact, they can sometimes be placed within a few days. Many times they are placed even where a job opening didn’t exist. Many hiring managers realize the rarity in top quality candidates and grab them when they are available.

“The new service will focus on quickly connecting high-quality job candidates or MPCs (most place-able candidates) as we refer to them in the industry, with our valued clients – the operative word being “quickly”. This year, in our continuing efforts to grow and separate ourselves from the rest, we have decided to focus a great deal of energy and resources on the Internet and new media. We strive towards finding and using the most effective methods of communicating with our clients. We realize just how important that line of communication is for every party involved: the client, candidate and JTL”, says Jeff LeFevre, Managing Partner of JTL.

Using the services is easy. JTL has created a web page within their website showcasing MPC candidates. To receive an email notification whenever this page gets edited, simply fill out the short online signup form at https://jtlservices.com/mpc-email-notification.html. If a client has interest in any of the MPC candidates, they simply click the link “I Want More Information on This Candidate”, and a JTL recruiter will send out a packet of information to the client. The emphasis is to streamline the communication in an effective and quick fashion, making it very easy for a client to keep tabs on MPCs at JTL.

About JTL Services, Inc.:
JTL Services, Inc., founded in 1998, is a leading job recruiting company with offices in Connecticut and North Carolina and a client base of over 600. JTL provides companies with top talent specializing in Accounting, Finance and Information Technologies.

JTL continues to focus heavily on the Internet as a means of attracting quality candidates and communicating with clients. A new website with many new features has rolled out in 2008 with several additional key web-based projects currently under development – all in an effort to both differentiate from other recruiters and continue to grow successfully.

JTL has plans to advance into several additional states in the very near future.

Southington, CT (November 21, 2007) — Executive Search Firm offers $1,000.00 referral fee for anyone that refers a candidate that they place with one of their clients.

JTL Services, Inc. Founder and Managing Partner Jeff LeFevre decided to implement a program that allows friends, family members and coworkers to benefit by referring them to his search firm. They are offering $1,000.00 for referring a candidate that they place with one of their clients.

“Today the power and ability for networking has never been stronger. What hopefully this will accomplish is to educate the job consumer that the best way to get a job is by being referred to one. What my team is truly great at is promoting a candidate. Instead of your resume sitting on someone’s desk for the purpose of being disqualified or to find out that the job has already been filled, why not try your luck with a professional recruiter? A professional recruiter is one that is going to interview you, so that he or she will understand what it is that you’re looking for. They will also guide you throughout the interview process by preparing you in all aspects and finally negotiating with your future employer on salary. JTL Services, Inc. represents all of our candidates in a professional manner and you can be confident that your resume will never be sent out without your pre-approval.”

About JTL Services, Inc.
JTL Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 providing companies with top talent specializing in Accounting, Finance and Information Technology. The company started in Southington, CT and in the spring of 2007 opened another office in Cary, NC.