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Experience searching for talent the way it was meant to be! We “partner” with our clients to provide targeted, professional, cost-effective and customized hiring solutions, with real results. Today’s misconception for companies is believing that contingency search/placement is always the best solution simply because it doesn’t incur any fees unless a candidate is actually hired. This method is simply outdated and no longer as effective as it once was, as many inexperienced firms simply race to provide their clients with candidates pre-prepared and molded to fit a position in an effort to close a deal and get paid.

Project Partnering is a JTL Services process that analyzes a client’s specific short and long-term hiring needs so that we can offer a custom “partner” solution leading to the best possible talent in the most cost effective way.

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Partner Reviews

Tara LeFevre is an exceptional recruiter who matched me to the type of job and company that I was looking for. The interviewing process proceeded smoothly in part to the preparation and time that Tara provided. She walked me through every step of the process, setting expectations, reviewing topics specific to the organization and offering tailored coaching based on my strengths and weaknesses. Without Tara’s services, this opportunity would not have been possible.

If you are looking for a recruiter who values the relationship of both the recruit and the hiring company and has the experience required to facilitate the match, I would recommend Tara LeFevre.
- Scott Miller