Please review the following job interview preparation information before going to an interview.
“You only get one chance to make a good first impression!”

Video Interview Tips: Put a post it note near your laptop, phone, computer camera so your eyes will look in that direction! Be sure you are in a quiet room and that the wall behind you is interview appropriate.

  1. Review working environment and any other specific information about client.
  2. Did you do some homework? Go to their Web site.
  3. Dress attire: Dress your best! Discuss this with your recruiter.
  4. Bring extra copies of your resume.
  5. Be 10 minutes early, no more no less. They most likely will have you fill out some paper work.
  6. The goal is to get the Job! Be excited, enthusiasm makes the difference. Good eye contact, firm handshake.
  7. Do not discuss anything about salary or benefits! If they bring it up, Say, “I’m here for the opportunity, you need to talk to JTL regarding that” On filling out the application, put down under salary “Speak to JTL”. Or put down what you are currently at.
  8. The client will ultimately make 2 decisions at the end of the interview with JTL.
    • Make an offer
    • Set up 2nd interview
  9. You will separate yourself from other candidates by Managing the Interview:
    • You are the solution to their problems.
    • Here is what I need you to say once you have introduced each other and small talk is out of the way: “Even though JTL was thorough in describing the position to me, I would like to know, Mr. Employer, what are you looking for this new employee to do for the first 6 months and what kind of person are you looking for?”
    • Reason – The Employer lays out on a silver platter the position to you and through your experience; you can cater your answers and responses to his needs that he told you about.
  10. Ask good questions about the opportunity and the company and NEVER EVER SPEAK NEGATIVELY ABOUT ANY PRIOR JOBS OR PEOPLE!!!  At the end of the interview when he/she asks you if you have any questions, don’t be blank save a couple for that time.
  11. What are some of the departmental goals?
  12. What are some of the goals of the organization overall?
  13. Where do you see this company in the next 5 years?
  14. What’s the upside potential of this position?
  15. After the interview assuming that you like the job, environment, people say this “Mr. Employer, after speaking to JTL about your company, I was excited about the opportunity and after meeting with you, I am even more excited now on being part of your team.” If they ask you about how active you are, mention to them that you are pursuing opportunities on own and with recruiters.
  16. “Are there any questions or anything about my background that needs to be addressed Mr. Employer?”
  17. Make sure that you get the business cards of the people that you meet with so you can E- MAIL out “thank you letters”.
  18. It is necessary that you call your recruiter immediately after the interview.. We need to get feedback from you before we get feedback from the client. Be prepared to answer about 10 questions at that time about the interview. (Example “What did you like? What didn’t you like etc…?)
  19. If an employer ever attempts to contact you by email or by phone, you should always defer to JTL and tell them that they are representing your search. ALL CLIENTS DO UNDERSTAND THIS ARRANGEMENT! Why a client would break this needs to be questioned.