How & Why We Are Better

We have spent the necessary resources over many years creating the proper channels to reach high-quality, passive candidates in a very effective and productive manner. Our process utilizes many of the professional social networks and incorporates our own 10-year sourcing business model.

Our recruiters are not in the Russian Roulette game of contingency placements. We do not employ resume readers or ad writers but great recruiters who are skilled at recruiting passive candidates within your vertical.

Our recruiters are trained in a consultative approach and are technical in nature. We employ process specialists who collectively work as a cohesive team to provide the most effective means of recruiting, in the most productive time frame. Our process’s success ensures a long-lasting business relationship with each of our clients.

Let us provide a hassle-free initial consultation and provide you with a planned service that works best for your company. Contact us today or simply fill out the short form below and one of our team leaders will reach you at your designated time to further discuss our services.

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