“Top Level Candidates That Stand Out Ahead of the Rest Do Get Top Level Jobs…
When Effectively Represented!”
-Jeff LeFevre, Managing Partner

As you will learn from much of the content on our website, a resume is in fact, not the end-all in finding a great job.  A resume can easily become a disqualifier for someone in Human Resources skimming resumes looking for any single reason to put your resume in the trash pile.
If you consider yourself to be a top-level candidate, please fill out the short form below so that we may qualify you internally and work on your behalf in advancing your career.

Why Should I Do This, You Ask?
The bottom-line answer is that when we have a top-level candidate, we can typically place them very quickly.  This is a fact and we have done this countless times.  Many hiring managers do not post every job that they may consider accepting a candidate to place.  To illustrate better, when we have an MPC (most place-able candidate), we work very diligently and reach out to our clients that we feel may have interest in a top-quality candidate. (By the way, check out our clients page.  We have well over 500 clients that we have agreements in place with as their recruiter).  Our clients are bright enough to understand that when an opportunity to hire an MPC comes along, they strongly consider them.  They understand the simple fact that these rare MPC candidates are not easy to find when needed.

So, it is always a good idea to have us determine if you can be an MPC.  But first things first.  Fill out the short form below and let evaluate the initial criteria that may separate you from the pack.