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Submit a Testimonial

Please take a moment and let us know how we are doing. Your testimonials are essential to our continuing success. To view some of our newly provided testimonials, click here.

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Refer a Friend

It may surprise you to learn that if you refer someone to us and we find that person a job you can make some serious money just for the referral!

JTL Services, Inc. (probably better than most) knows how hard it is to find good quality candidates to fill our Executive Searches. We have started a referral program that allows you to make some money by referring someone you know to us! All you need to do is fill out the information in the Referral Program Box and follow the directions. If the candidate you submit has never been in contact with us and we place that individual with one of our clients we will pay you $1000.00 for the referral.
Question: When have you ever made a $1000.00 that easily before?
Answer: NEVER

Refer Someone Now!

Earn an Easy $1,000.00
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Why Use a Recruiter

It may surprise you to learn that our response to this has always been: Only when absolutely necessary!

JTL Services, Inc. (probably better than most) knows the expense involved in Executive Searches. This is one of the primary reasons we Guarantee our results.

When evaluating the prospect of engaging JTL Services, Inc. or other Executive Search agency, clients should begin by asking themselves:
How long can we afford not to have this position filled? I.e. what is the potential revenue loss if the position is left vacant?
What caliber or quality of employee do we truly need?
Can the type and level of candidate be sourced through other means?
What costs are associated with hiring a candidate who proves ineffective?
The last time we tried to find someone did we find too few qualified individuals from which to choose?
And the most important question: Will JTL Services, Inc. provide candidates of demonstratively superior quality to what we can source elsewhere?
Answer: Yes, without question.

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