If you’re searching for customer service and someone to really focus on your needs then try a small search firm.  In today’s business environment it’s pretty easy to find out what other companies are doing.  With networking being the “word” of the new century, it doesn’t take much effort to find out what’s going on at XYZ Recruiting Firm.  Being in the business now for 12 plus years, I have made some good friends that happen to work at large recruiting companies.  All I will say is business as usual is still the norm.  I guess that works in a “burn and churn” environment.  That’s why the next call you might get is from your “new” recruiter at XYZ, because your old recruiter is no longer at the firm.

When you’re working with a company that’s business model is based on “numbers”, the problem is you as a client are up against their plan rather than yours!  I equate this to what happens to be my favorite past time and that’s shopping.

I prefer to shop at small boutique stores that focus their attention on me and quality stuff, instead of filling their shelves with mass produced stuff and no one to be found.  These large firms focus on the numbers and less on you.  At the end of the day the recruiter on the job needs to show good numbers to their managers.  The “good’ numbers consists of how many people did they recruit, how many jobs orders did they get, and how many send-outs did they have today?

Is there anything in there about you?  Perhaps you’re the job order that they got, but the focus is not on you, it’s on the numbers.  Have your ever heard the expression, “if you throw enough mud on the walls some will stick”?  Well mud doesn’t look good under my nails!

When I first started recruiting that’s what I did.  I worked the numbers instead of working for my clients.  What I found is spinning my wheels all over the place took so much time and not enough progress for my clients!  So needless to say I changed my focus on the clients that really want to work with me and their jobs?  I started to get focused on finding the best talent for my clients and help them as quickly as I could.

That is why today I work with only a handful of clients and why my success rate is much better than ever before.  My clients love the fact that I am always available for them and flexible to work the way they need me to work.  Even in this economy it has been a winning year!  Visit my profile.