The oil and gas industry is an ever-evolving marketplace with new technologies constantly being developed. But potential applicants shouldn’t be put off by the task at hand; many leading companies offer a raft of varying position to a plethora of different professions such as engineers, accountants, scientists, project managers, safety inspectors and much more. The need for engineers has never been stronger than it currently is to keep up with the demand for energy across the world. Thus, the industry is receiving more applicants than ever from people looking to get into the industry for the first time.

The industry on a whole has many redeeming features from the opportunities to travel the world, to the longevity of such a marketplace because let’s face it we are never going to fulfill the demand for oil and gas, anytime soon. All of these positions are usually extremely well-paying career choices but while they are appealing, the market is also very competitive. The opportunities for development are also readily available for the best talent, so you can appreciate why it’s imperative to come prepared to interviews

So what are some of the basic things you need to prepare?

Research the industry in depth

It’s important that you research the position, company and industry that you’re applying for extensively. It’s essential you search through the company’s website and gather all the information you need to read up on. Also, start to read some of the leading publications that publish news on the oil and gas industry to become versed on the breaking news, trends and developments in the industry.

Employment trends

Researching the present employment trends will help you adapt in interviews and help you when applying for certain positions. This includes finding out relevant contact details of industry employers that are currently looking to expand their businesses.

Learn a new language

Being able to speak a foreign language is very advantageous in this industry because it is a multicultural landscape. Employers are more likely to favor someone who has a second or third language than an applicant that can only speak one language. Make sure to research the company and find out what languages are most commonly needed in the position you’re applying for.

Be prepared to work abroad

The majority of professionals in this industry travel the world. So, there will be a distinct possibility that you’ll be based abroad, and this is something that you should welcome when talking to the interviewer.

After much turmoil in places like Iraq and Syria, many oil fields are being reopened and the likelihood of you being sent to one of these areas could be relatively high depending on which company you choose. Regions like the south of Iraq are showing signs of recovery as reported by the Wall Street Journal with many oil companies returning to this oil-rich area.

An example of this is the Monaco-based company Unaoil. It has once again set up operations to begin drilling, as well as implementing a support operation for its partner companies Sulzer and RBG Middle East according to Pipeline.

Bolster your CV

Research the skills that you feel you need to add to your skill set and actively look to take extra qualifications in order to appeal to the requirements of the job you’re applying for.

A new day, a new adventure

Expect a different challenge each day, and the ability to adapt is of paramount importance. You’ll likely be asked questions in the interview that will make you think on your feet, and the only way to prepare for this is to have undertaken extensive research in all the aforementioned areas before the interview.