Millennials career advice that will help you does not grow on trees.  Allow me to give you some advice that will help you with your career.  I can guarantee you that this advice will help!

College is over and you have vowed to take on the world.  I like that attitude, but allow me to give you some lessons learned.  I have learned from 20 years of finding job candidates for top companies across the country some important things.

One, make sure the first job you choose is one that will hold your interests for some time.  Now I know that might be difficult to figure out given the fact that you might not be sure what you want to do.  If you took accounting in college than that is easy.   Other degrees may not be that simple to figure out a career path.  Hopefully you do have an idea of what direction and path you have an interest in.

Millennials career advice that will help you

Millennials career advice that will help you

Millennials career advice that will help you in this area is clear.  Job hopping for more money too fast is a career killer.  Going from one job to the next too quickly will exclude you from any opportunities!  When someone is evaluating your resume, one of the first things they look for is how many jobs you have had.  Hiring managers and or HR employees evaluate resumes all the time and this is one of the first things they look for.
My suggestion is whatever your first job is, stay if you can for at least 2-3 years.  If your first job is something you do not want to do then make sure your next pick is.  Your second job you need to understand this is a job you need to keep.  Staying 2-3 years needs to be a battle cry for you.  Interviewing in the future you can always say the first job just was not for you.  The second job you need to show stability and success!

When I come across someone who has had only one job since college I get excited.  Especially if they have been at the same job for more than 3 years.  This for me is a find!  I know that there is opportunity for this candidate with limited movement.  This will be a good time for an increase in pay and job title for this candidate.  Stability and patience will put that candidate way ahead of anyone job hopping just to increase their pay.  In the long run you will pass these job hoppers in pay and success.