NervousPiggybacking on our last blog’s topic of interview preparation, I’d like to write a little bit about being nervous on an interview. This week, I had the pleasure of working with an extremely friendly candidate in the Southeast for a customer service position. She had the perfect amount of solid experience related to the position I had her interviewing for, a perfect-fit candidate. When I was speaking with her on the phone however, she disclosed that she felt nervous, despite having over 10 years of experience in the field. I assured her that she had nothing to worry about, to just be herself, and above all, PREPARE.

Being Nervous

is due to a lack of practice.  This will not help you at all in your interview.   JTL Services Inc, always tells our candidates that preparation is the key to success with an interview.  Interviewing is a skill that can benefit literally everyone, no matter the level of job being interviewed for. As with any other skill, practice makes perfect and interviewing is no exception. If you find that you are typically the nervous type before an interview, the best way to cure that nervousness is to be confident in yourself. When you know that you can 100% knock the ball out of the park, then no question an interviewer can throw at you will surprise you.

Tara LeFevre, managing partner here at JTL Services, Inc. lists some of her favorite tips for all of her candidates:

  • Dress attire: Dress your best! IE: Press suit (black, blue or dark gray) press your shirt, (white) polish your shoes, (black) tie your tie properly, no perfume or cologne, pop a breath mint, etc…
  • Ask good questions about the opportunity and the company. Especially at the end of the interview.  When he/she asks you if you have any questions, don’t be blank save a couple for that time.
  • Be sure to ask, “Are there any questions or anything about my background that needs to be addressed Mr. Employer?”

For a Full List of Interview Tips

be sure to check out Tara’s recruiter profile!

Dressing nicely is important because, as the old adage goes, “look good, feel good”! When you’re wearing your absolute best, you feel more confident about yourself.  You’ll be ready to take on the world. Asking questions is absolutely vital when on an interview.  Potential employers need to know that you’ve done your homework on their company.  There is no better way to show them than asking insightful questions. Lastly, answering questions about yourself and your work history is a great way to boost self-confidence; everyone likes to talk about themselves, and doing so will definitely help to calm the nerves.