Interview Preparation Requires Practice

Interview preparation

Interview preparation, which requires practice, is often overlooked by job seekers when it comes to finding a job. The root cause for lack of interview preparation is the feeling that since you do the job every day, you feel as if you are comfortable to discuss it in an official interview. The reality, however, is the opposite in a shocking amount of cases. We have seen so many candidates that are 100% qualified to perform well at a certain job fail to get the job due to lack of interview preparation. The ability to explain in detail is something that job candidates do not do on a daily basis.  Answering questions is something you need to be able to do well and understand that the interviewer might not understand what you do.  I like to tell job candidates to explain it to me like I’m a third grader.

Interview preparation

is not something you do every day, so like I said required practice is key.  Keep in mind you get one shot to explain yourself during an interview.   We’ve trained our fair share of salespeople over the years and the most important message we preach is to have a good preparation routine.  For example, people in sales typically have a script they have written out in order to help them on sales calls. They practice what they want to say over and over again, and they do this out-loud.  You might feel silly rehearsing this way but losing out on a great opportunity is dumb.  Perfection only comes from someone who is well-rehearsed.  They are going to sound very natural, and the only way to perfect this is to actually hear what it is that you are saying.

It’s always best to have some small talk first before the interview.  Then ask the person who is interviewing you to explain the job.  What are you looking for this person to do in this role?  After you have all this information it is now time for you to knock it out of the park.  Make sure you answer and explain with specific examples on how and why you can solve their problems.  This is how to manage an interview.

A search firm

like JTL Services, Inc. takes the time to fully prep each candidate we pass on to interviews.   We especially like to teach the basics.  Today you can’t assume what basic knowledge is, like interview dress attire.  A set of great questions is also something you need to have ready to ask.  Remember you are also interviewing them to see if you want the opportunity.  Just like a professional athlete trains at their sport you too need to train at interviewing.  There is no ESPN Sports Center showing your top 10 things you do for your current employer!   As the old adage goes, “you can never be too prepared!”

A final note to every interviewee is never ever talk bad about any of your past employers!  NEVER!!!