Let me start by saying that unless you’re applying for a graphic designing job, making your resume look fancy ensures that the only thing catching your resume will be the recycling bin. Not a day goes by when I don’t see at least one groan-inducing resume. While it is generally a good idea to make your resume stick out from the rest, it is imperative that you let your skills, job experience, and education do that work for you. Fancy fonts, bright pastel highlighting, and random splashes of color add no value to your resume, and only detract from the main points. There is no easier way to get your resume thrown out, besides printing in all caps at the top “I AM A RECREATIONAL DRUG USER”, especially in a business world that so often demands absolute professionalism and standardization. Hiring managers, and people in general, like what is familiar to them. When they are handed resumes, they expect to see neat and clean representations of candidates; well-organized sections, bullet points that only nail the most important aspects of the current subject, correct dates, 12 point font. While it may seem like adding in some color and creativity would be like a breath of fresh air to these people, nothing could be worse.