Frustration with a recruiter can come in many different forms, one such way being a lack of candidates coming across the hiring manager’s desk.  Many factors for this may be present but the biggest reason is the business model of the recruiting firm.  Some firms have staff that simply get job orders into their system to be handed off to someone else whose job is to actually find the talent.  The problem with this model is that no one is taking full responsibility for the client’s positions; it’s nothing more than just a numbers game.  Another type of recruiting firm is called “full desk”, a system in which one person is responsible for taking in job orders and then filling them.  This is still a numbers game because these recruiters all have quotas to fill daily of job orders taken in and candidates sent out, thus leaving a small amount of attention that actually goes to the client.  A third type of recruiting companies work on a retained basis.  These companies typically only work on C-level jobs and their fees will cost an arm and a leg.  Furthermore, there is no actual guarantee that they will fill the job, thus leaving the client in a worse spot than they were before.

JTL Services, Inc. works a little differently, blending the best of all three of these worlds into a service we call “Project Partnering” .  On top of that our clients typically receive a twenty to twenty five percent discount over contingency fees.  We only work on jobs we know we can fill in a timely manner, which limits the number of searches we do at any given time.  This is a blessing in disguise because we can make sure to allocate the necessary resources to guarantee success.  Our staff is dedicated to fully understanding our clients’ positions, so we don’t just search our database for someone.  We take the time to actively recruit those hard to find, so called “passive” candidates.  We don’t overextend or add new staff unless we can be sure they will find success with us, so rather than hiring a sales recruiter, we look for someone that can guide and consult with clients.  Closing “deals” isn’t our focus like it once was; rather we pride ourselves on our client satisfaction and repeat business.