I see it all the time and wonder if some people are totally clueless when it comes to putting a resume together.  Possibly they have been at one job for a very long time and think that proclamations like these will appeal to hiring managers.  I have been in the hiring business for 15 plus years now and I can tell you this.  If you want your resume to be tossed out and not to be considered by Hiring Managers, HR Personnel, Recruiters…etc., start out with one of these statements on your resume or cover letter:

1) “10,15,20,25,30,35…plus years

Just keep the amount of years off.  We can read a resume!

2) “Seasoned

Refer to the first line.

3) “I’m your guy


4) “Looking for a career change

In other words I have zero experience but I was at $100K

Please help out and spread the word so we can eliminate these costly mistakes and allow a potentially good candidate to be considered!