The Psychology of the Job Interview

Very few people say they genuinely enjoy job interviews. That makes sense because in the same way that most people dislike taking tests, a job interview is a test. Even […]

Communication While in Transition

Disclaimer: My professional background is not in the field of communication, but I still have some opinions. Certainly, the cliché “It’s not what you know but whom you know” is […]

Do You Know Whom to Network With?

By far the most effective way of getting a new job is by networking. When making presentations to large groups, I often test that tenet, and invariably it proves to […]

The Job Interview—Morphed into Something Else

Not too long ago, much-respected blogger Tim Tyrell-Smith of Tim’s Strategy conducted a survey, clearly finding that interviewers’ number one concern is “fit with the company’s culture.” From other articles […]

Can’t Find a Job? Do You Know Why?

Growth, evolution, changes. Technology may be a wonderful thing, but it has negative elements—especially if you’re in transition and looking for a job. Why? Perhaps you don’t know how to […]