why resume blasting services don't work

Resume distribution services draw a lot of attention from job seekers.  They’re seductive, aren’t they?  Only fifty bucks to reach thousands and thousands of recruiters and employers!  How can you miss? […]

#1 Way to KILL a Phone Interview

Typically the topic of verbal crutches is something that people are coached on when they are improving their group presentation skills.  Verbal crutches are those little “connector” words that all […]

Resume 411

Drafting an effective résumé is key to contributing to a successful job search. Oftentimes your résumé is the first thing a hiring manager reviews to determine your suitability for a […]

Job Search Strategies

How many people do you know that know exactly what to do to plan for a job search and identify opportunities? Most people I speak to don’t even know where […]

2010 is dawning: Shave years off your life

Your New Year’s resolution Don’ts When it comes to defending against ageism in the workplace—in particular, inviting unwanted attention to your possibly advanced years—here are some resolutions you can make […]