Career Coach or Opportunist?

I know I just wrote an article not too long ago titled “Someone wants to charge you money for a job?  Are you Crazy?” about the rise in numbers of career coaches.  I have gotten a lot of positive feedback about that article which has prompted me to make a few more points.  I’m not […]

Interviewing Top Talent? Pay Attention!

When there’s a job to be filled at your company, keep in mind a few things that are critical to land top talent.  Even in this job market top talent is hard to find.  Yes unemployment is high but for top talent, the “passive” job candidate, he or she for the most part are not […]

How to Quit your Job

People are still doing it today if you can believe it. Giving notice because they found perhaps a better opportunity. There is a professional way to give notice and one that everyone should emulate. Have a typed out letter stating that you are resigning effective today. You can use this format if it will help. […]

When Submitting your Resume

When I receive a resume from someone, one of the first things I do is to look at the candidates’ job movement.  I want to establish if this candidate has shown stability and increased responsibility through out their career.  The first thing that a hiring manager is going to do when they receive your resume […]

Do I take the Offer or Continue to Interview?

“Well maybe I shouldn’t take this offer because after all, it is my first interview.”  If I had a nickel every time someone said that but then again a nickel’s not worth a dime anymore.   Keep in mind your first offer may be your only offer!  No joke, we have seen job candidates not […]

How to Stay Positive when Searching for a Job.

If you are experiencing rejection during the interview process, you are not alone.  In this economy many are experiencing something that is a new phenomenon.  The days of interviewing at 2 companies and receiving 3 offers are long gone, for now.  There is one thing that might help you which has always helped me and […]

Tips on Big Company to Small Company

More and more job candidates are telling me they want to leave their big company and go work for a small company.  I always ask “Why do you want to do that?”  The answers I usually get seem to be the same.  “Well I just can’t get anything done here  with all of the bureaucracy […]

Thank You Letters Could Be Your Biggest Nightmare!

The easiest part of the interview process is the Thank You letter.  Yet it has once again been the kiss of death for one of our job candidates.  This is the second time in 3 months  that one of our job candidates has been burned because of spelling errors on a Thank You letter.  With […]

Some HR Personnel Should Be Embarrassed.

I must say in the past few weeks I have spoken with some truly outstanding HR Personnel.  Some internal recruiters working to fill roles for their hiring managers understand the importance of the hiring process and how it works.  We are called to help them when they have an extremely hard role to fill and […]

Motivating Yourself When Your Job Sucks!

This is a bad time if you are someone who’s Monday’s are without question the worst day of the week, and every Sunday night you feel sick.  If you are someone who hates their current job or perhaps the company you work for, then this economy only makes it worse.  What do you do when […]